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Bitu's Pet Services was born out of love and respect that we share for animals. Having worked with rescue and rehab of furry and feathered friends all my life, I know for a fact that handling pets requires a special touch, skills, training and experience. You either have it or you don't...we do. Nothing makes us more happy than to use these abilities to help our pets in any way we can.

Being pet owners ourselves, we were always stressed out when it was time for Bittu's hair cut, She would be so stressed before and after her groom and no one seemed to care or have a solution to rectify this. Long working hours in the corporate world kept us away from home and existing day cares were out of our budget. We thought Bittu isn't getting any younger and we didn't want to miss out on the precious time we could have spent with her outdoors, rather than in an air-conditioned office. A life threatening incident helped push matters in the right direction and I started my extensive training as a Pet Stylist and a Pet Care Specialist. We pledged to dedicate our lives to animal welfare and thus Bitu's Pet Services was born. 

We acquired our Pet Grooming and Styling skills from the best of the best and obtained a certification in pet grooming with honors. We have been very fortunate to have gained our knowledge, expertise and tons of hands on experience working side by side with industry pioneers and experts.

We made a promise to become the best of the best and do what we can to improve our pets' lifestyles. 'Healthy and Happy Lifestyle for your Pets' is our mission statement and we will do whatever it takes to deliver on it. Continuing on our promise, we also obtained extensive training in Canine Hydrotherapy and Water Wellness and are proud members of The International Association of Canine Water Therapy.

With exceptional customer services skills, excellent pet handling talents and a genuine love for our loyal companions, we launched Bitu's Pet Services to deliver what we always looked for from other professionals and never found it....confidence, expertise, knowledge, genuineness and a true passion, respect and belief for the profession. I knew this was destiny and we were committed for life. My husband and I have been able to create a portfolio of specialized services that every pet owner wishes for their little ones including Pet Styling and Grooming and now K9 Aquafitness and Hydrotherapy for dogs helping with therapy, rehab, weight loss, fun and fitness swims.

Our state of the art spa facility offers Grooming and Styling services and K9 Aquafitness and Hydrotherapy  to your four legged companions. 

We are dedicated to our existing clients and are available for any of your emergencies. Should you have any questions or would simply like to chat about Toby's behavior on the grooming table or habits to help improve their weight, skin/coat, you can reach us on:

Phones: 905 796 9299  or 416 414 7556

Email: [email protected]