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Bitu's Pet Services - Pet Grooming, K9 Aquafitness

  Healthy & Happy Lifestyle for Your Pets                                                                                                    905-796-9299                                       

Photo Gallery

Happy puppies Happy puppies 181283240 181283241 Friends! 69321742 My bone!! 41747008 Sniff sniff.. a new friend 41747009 181283239 Is anyone watching me? 45065530 My ball 69320260 Can you throw the ball please?? pretty please 47835498 I'm bigger than you are! 52919057 My ball. 38534622 Hmmm.. another dog?? 49906460 Lets cuddle! 52919055 How cool! 52919058 The White beauty 61961753 Catch me if you can! 66719737 Did I hear 'treat'? 78250487 Whats more interesting? snow or the other dog? 69320594 The Obama pup 66719736 I think I can chase you 69777826 Lets wrestle 69777828 Bold and beautiful! 78250480 Ok, take a picture, we'll pose. 78250485 All of these are mine. 78250486 You want the ball, you get it. 78250489 What a pair! 103995383 I could get a bit closer :-) 103995384 Teeny tiny 103995385 Who's there? 103995386 Lets play! 103995387 Can you see me behind the tree? 103995388 Lets wrestle! 166965169 Hmm...what is this creature? 166965170 Say cheese :-) 166965174