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When Christmas shopping takes longer than expected or the vacation spot you choose does not allow pets, its the biggest dilemma for people who love their little ones. Having experienced all of this, we wanted to offer peace of mind to pet owners by offering in-home care to qualified clients. Your babies deserve the same love and attention even in your absence.

One never knows when an emergency can arise. Knowing that your loved ones (dogs only) will be cared for, does much to give you some peace of mind. Our pre-screened patrons have the advantage of being a part of our family on a temporary basis when you plan a vacation, are going shopping for the day or are recuperating from an illness at home. Your pets become valued members of a loving family and spend a wonderful time at home away from home.

In-Home Care requirements for small and medium dogs:

  • All dogs will have to go through a thorough screening process to determine their eligibility for in-home care
  • Proof of vaccinations is required
  • Dogs 6-7 months or over must be neutered/spayed
  • Dogs should be completely house trained (no pee pads)
  • Dogs must be very well socialised with other dogs and people
  • We have a zero tolerance policy towards aggressive dogs 
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