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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.

You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.

You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." 

From the day they are born, until the day they are gone, Bitu's Group of companies is a pioneer of unique and much needed services for Pets and has been serving the Pet Community with niche  solutions since 2008.  


Bitu's Pet Services offers all breed professional Pet Styling and Grooming.


Bitu's K9 Aquafitness & Hydrotherapy offers therapeutic and recreational swimming in an indoor warm water pool for dogs and cats.


Bitu's Pet Cremation Services offers Pet parents an ability to bid sameday, private, witnessed and very respectful farewells to their beloved Pets when they pass.  

With years of experience in handling pets, we are trained and certified in Pet Styling & Grooming, Canine Hydrotherapy and Pet First-Aid. We are very proud members of ODGA, IAAMB, IAOPCC; sworn to adhere to their code of ethics and standards of practice. At Bitu's we are not breed biased, gender, size or temperament biased. We welcome them all as our own. 

A clean, peaceful, sanitary spa; trained professionals and tons of love for our four legged furry friends is what we provide and freedom from stress, peace of mind and beautifully groomed pups is what you achieve. We offer an unmatched one-on-one professional spa experience for your loved ones with our primary focus being on their safety, comfort, health, hygiene and most of all; to ensure that they have a fun day and a very relaxed Spa day!

One of the first indoor warm water pool for dogs in the GTA offering fitness, therapy, weight loss, conditioning, rehab, beginner and fun swims to dogs and cats of any breed, size and age; by trained and certified Canine Hydrotherapists.

Diet and exercise are the two key components that determine the quality and quantity of our pets' lives. We believe that a Healthy dog is a Happy dog and our portfolio is a strong reflection of our belief. Following on the same path, we have been proud supporters of Canine Life Muffins, an all natural diet comprising of real food; that offers you the convenience and your pet, the nutrition they require and deserve. Good food establishes a strong foundation for your puppy's health. If your dog is a finicky eater or a grazer, has skin conditions or chronic ear infections, does not enjoy any kibble you buy, has weight issues or has a sensitive stomach, ask us how the switch can help and talk to your Vet.

Cosmetic Teeth Cleaning

Dental health is extremely important for your pet and prevention is always better than a cure. At Bitu's we host cosmetic teeth cleaning clinics every three to four months so you can keep up with your Pet's dental health and prevent or help resolve plaque and tartar built up; saving you hundreds and thousands of dollars in medical expenses. We partner with professional pet dental hygienists who scale and clean your pet's teeth without the need for sedation. 

We specialise in Special needs dogs. Be it anxiety, fear, aggression, nervousness or pure dislike for grooming or water. We work hand in hand with pet parents to help their babies to enjoy a normal spa day and develop confidence. 

Bitu's Pet Cremation Services - Dignified Farewell for Pets because they are family and deserve better!

We are a one of a kind facility offering Pet parents an opportunity to bid a personalized, respectful, onsite, Sameday Private, Witnessed, Semi Private cremations & aftercare services; bringing closures to families. Whether your pet's passing was expected or sudden, at home or at a Vet hospital; our team of certified professionals will compassionately guide you to make aftercare arrangements, that best suit your needs; showing the highest dignity & respect to your Pets. From different types of cremations & private viewing options onsite, to memorial products & keepsakes; you can choose from a number of ways to bid a farewell & remember your companion, for years to come. 

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