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Meet Keon, a Siberian Husky. He is 12 and had suffered a spinal stroke quite a few years ago. It's difficult to carry the bulk of that weight on those shoulders all the time. But he needs the exercise too. Walking is too much impact and tires him out plus hurts the front. What better way to relax those tired muscles than a zero impact swim? He can get a full bodied movement and get the exercise he needs plus doesn't hurt his tired muscles. The tiredness he will feel after his swims will be the good kind not the painful kind. This was his first ever swim where his legs didn't touch a surface and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Check out his video. For a first timer, you did pretty well buddy! We will do all we can to help you keep fit.

Meet Brutus. Brutus is a 14 week old Cane Corso puppy. His daddy wants him to get used to water and enjoy it, knowing that swimming will keep him healthier, younger, longer and keep many of the breed problems at bay. After first few panicky laps of being in water for the first time in his life, Brutus didn't want to get out. Glad Bitu's Pet Services' K9 Aquafitness can help. Check out Brutus' first swim video.

This is Charlie, a Min-Pin. Charlie has had a Femoral Hip Osteotomy and needs to strengthen his hip and leg muscles to regain muscle tone on the leg that has had the surgery. We are hoping this will help him use his surgery leg as normally as possible and be able to put weight on it and at the same time, take the pressure off of his good leg. Charlie started off with being not too crazy about the water but after a couple of sessions, he seems to realize the benefits and is even enthusiastic about jumping in and doing his routine laps as seen on the video. Go Charlie Go!! 

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