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Every breed is different and so are their grooming needs. Every dog is raised, maintained differently by their respective owners and so are their grooming requirements.

You can reach us on 9057969299 or 4164147556 for an estimate on a full groom.

We welcome clients for express nail trims, ear clean ups and hygiene trims. Please call to give us a heads up if you are coming without an appointment.


Dogs Under 25 lbs:

Single visit upto 30 mins (under 25 lbs): $35

Single visit upto 60 mins (under 25 lbs): $45

6 session pkg for upto 30 mins (under 25 lbs): $180

(savings of $30)

12 session pkg for upto 30 mins (under 25 lbs): $300

(savings of $120)

6 session pkg for upto 60 mins (under 25 lbs): $240

(savings of $30)

12 session pkg for upto 60 mins (under 25 lbs): $420

(savings of $120)

Dogs 25 lbs and over:

Single visit upto 30 mins (25 lbs and over): $40

Single visit upto 60 mins (25 lbs and over):$55

6 session pkg for upto 30 mins (25 lbs and over): $210

(savings of $30)

12 session pkg for upto 30 mins (25 lbs and over): $360

(savings of $120)

6 session pkg for upto 60 mins (25 lbs and over): $300

(savings of $30) 

12 session pkg for upto 60 mins (25 lbs and over): $540

(savings of $120) 

Purchased packages are non-refundable, non-transferable  and can be used at anytime with prior booking and are valid for a year (12 session package) and six months (6 session pacakge) from the date of purchase.

Additional Dogs of the same owner:

Additional dog of the same owner* (upto 30 mins): $20 additional 
Additional dog of the same owner* (upto 60 mins): $25 additional

*Proof of ownership and address required (any previous vaccination or medical papers that prove your ownership of the dogs). 
*Special pricing applies for up to 2 additional dogs of the same owner. 
*If the first dog is smaller than the second, the larger dog pricing will apply for the actual swim and the smaller one will receive the second dog price benefit. 
*It can be either shared water time or separate. Meaning the pricing applies on whether your dogs go in at the same time to share the 30 or 60 minutes or whether they each get their separate sessions for 30 or 60 minutes.  Choice is yours but you will need to let us know at the time of booking. 

Pool rental:

3 hour pool rental for up to 5 dogs**: $250 
(Refundable cleanup deposit of $150 required)
If you need the presence and assistance of the swim coach, please advise at the time of booking. Additional charges apply.

**Conditions apply - rental considered on a request by request basis. Please discuss with us to see if your request qualifies

Drying after the swim:

Towels are provided at no additional cost to towel dry your dog.

We do have dryers if you choose to blow dry your dog after the swim session at a nominal cost of:

DIY drying: $10 additional 
Assisted drying (prebooking needed): $15 additional

Please note: Prices do not include taxes and are subject to change at any time without any prior notice. Thank you for your understanding

Accepted methods of payment

We accept debit or cash only.