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You Tube Aquafitness Client Testimonial videos

This facility and their service prolonged my dog’s life and happiness. The swimming kept him active after he could no longer go for walks and kept his digestive system going after suffering nerve damage.

My dog’s genuine friendship with Indy the dog handler was sweet and was just an added benefit for my dog, who very evidently enjoys their relationship. I am so glad I found Bitu’s. It has been an invaluable component of treatment and palliative care for my dog. I feel so good about how much joy and health it has restored in my dog’s life.

Message from Andria after Duncan crossed the rainbow bridge - Duncan went to sleep very peacefully having treats with his family on January 25th, 2021. Every time he saw his swim robe, he was overjoyed to go swimming... and he was cremated with it.

- Andria A.

As posted on Google in January 2021

Am a first time dog owner and my puppy's first grooming. Was skeptical given the current covid situation and also my puppy taking his rabies vaccine just before 2 days!! The team at Bitu's was welcoming and gave me confidence the way they received the puppy. End of session, the puppy was happy and cheerful. The grooming was done awesome of course 👏 Would definitely visit again!!

- Vineesh T Vijayan

As posted on Google in December 2020

Highly recommend! Been bringing max here for a couple of years. Do an amazing job with his grooming. They are very patient with this 125lb pup and takes an army to get him all sparkling and new. Thank you Chetal and team!!!

- Audrey Sammut

As posted on Google on November, 2020

This family business is very welcoming, knowledgeable, compassionate, fun yet professional, and most importantly absolutely trusting and enjoyed by both of our furry babies. After couple of sessions, we could see a great improvement in the mobility of both of our seniors pups.

- Liba Ronge

As posted on Google in 2020 

Love Bitu’s !!! We adopted Rex in May of 2019 and he’s needed some help with his leg. I worried to try a different place and unsure how he would be with grooming. The people that work here love animals and made me feel so good about getting Rex’s first groom here. The hydrotherapy sessions have made such a huge difference in his health, and best of all he’s so tired after. I recommend this place to everyone that asks me for advice or recommendations for their dog.

- Sara Ciarallo

As posted on Google in June 2019

Bitu's Pet Services offers the best service and they truly care for your pet, from the heart. I was originally supposed to bring her in at the end of the week but the owner squeezed my dog in because she was having severe allergy issues and needed to get a good groom. When my dog was finished her grooming session, she looked so cute!!! In hindsight I should have taken a picture to share for this review. She was so soft and fluffy, like a white cloud. More importantly, the dog was groomed at the right length and the owners took time to answer all of my many, many, many questions and offered tons of tips for my dog to have a better quality of life. Such care and concern for my cutie and all the dogs they take care for, I can't imagine a more responsible and diligent pet grooming company. My dog's personality and independence is growing by leaps and bounds and that's all thanks to Bitu's Pet Services. Daisy says thank you for taking care of her and looks forward to her next groom!

- Monica Dogra

As posted on Google in 2018

We started taking our 5 yr old Australian Shepherd after he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in his front leg. We just completed our 9th week and couldn't be more pleased with his progress. Before we started swimming, he was limping and hated any kind of exercise and now he is back to his old self. Loving long walks and chasing the ball and the limping is greatly reduced. Unless you knew to look for the limp you wouldn't notice it. Recently, we missed 3 weeks of swimming due to prior commitments and we noticed a big difference. Things were going back to the way they were and we cant let that happen. With the drastic improvement in our boys condition, we will continue to be clients at Bitus. We are extremely happy and have recommended Bitus to a few people! Indy and Chatel have been warm and welcoming since day one. Thank you Bitus for taking such good care of our boy and helping him get back to his old self

- Melanie Drummond-McEwan 

As posted on Facebook on August 11, 2017

We took our dog Kia (border collie mix) for her first visit/first time swimming. The trainer there was amazing with her and you can tell how experienced he is with his job and with animals in general. He slowly eased our dog into the water and while she was scared at first, she quickly trusted him after a few laps around the pool.

She was exhausted after her first session and had a great time. We ended up buying a package of 6 to save a bit of $ in the long run as our pup seemed to have a great time!

- Ryan Nery

As posted on Facebook on Feb 5, 2017

My husband and I took our 6 month old basset hound here for the first time today. Bassets are not known for their swimming capabilities. We were both very impressed with the interaction and the way the instructor treated our pup and educated us through the whole session. I was expecting a whole lot of commotion when our pup entered the water...but only calmness was shown Thank you for making her first introduction to water a great success.

- Naomi Mizuguchi-Muehlberg

As posted on Facebook on Feb 24, 2017

Bitu's Pet Services is such an amazing place. I started bringing my 5 year old chocolate lab there recently for water therapy, after a very invasive knee surgery. I wanted Khloe to build up the muscle mass that was lost, as well as relieving stress from her other leg, and ultimately to have fun since she's been on major restrictions since surgery. The service this wonderful couple provide exceeded my expectations. They were very patient with me being a nervous mom, and my girl who was nervous to get in the water on our first visit. They walked us through what was going to happen and made sure we were comfortable with their service. We now have a hard time getting Khloe to leave. This is by far the most fun she has had in months, and I have seen a big improvement in her surgery leg! I am so thankful for them being a part of my girls successful recovery story! And highly recommend them to anyone who's also going through surgery recovery.

- Ashley Cooze, as posted on Facebook

We started taking our 1 year old bulldog/cane Corso puppy Dozer to Bitu's in November. He has hip dysplasia in one hip so we are doing this for exercise with no impact on his hip. I can not express how truly wonderful these people are and how truly genuine they are. Dozer loves it there and he's completely comfortable with them. I would recommend it to anyone. If you have a dog who needs exercise or for health reasons.. Bitu's is the place to go.

- Trixie Bannister

As posted on Facebook on January 20, 2017

I've been going to Bitu's since day 1. It's thanks to Chetal that I have my best friend in the world. to start with. A mutual friend brought to my attention that a customer of Chetal's was looking for a home for their 6 month old puppy.

We have been visiting for grooming and boarding ever since. 6 years now and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. It's a 40 minute drive each way but totally worth it. Chetal and Indy are second parents to my special little guy.

- John Riddel, as posted on Facebook

5 stars is not enough for this dynamic duo!!

- Ashley Cooze, as posted on Facebook

I have been taking my 9 year old miniature poodle, Melbourne, for Aquafitness since the beginning of July. Chetal and Indy are so knowledgeable and encouraged me to have Melbourne participate in exercising in their exercise pool which is designed for maximum benefit for dogs. Melbourne has a very bad back and as a result he is about 8 lbs overweight. Indy had him start off slowly with many breaks during his session. Today he was able to swim with only a couple of short stops for a half an hour. My husband and I had weighed him prior to starting and as of today he has lost about 2lbs. Indy is so kind to Melbourne during his lesson. He will now wag his tail while swimming and turn around and lick him. Chetal gave wonderful advise about his diet and we now have him eating more sensibly with only healthy treats. We do not take our dogs to be groomed there only because we are established with another groomer. However, I see the wonderful job they do on all the dogs they look after. I can see that animals are their passion and it certainly shows in how they run this wonderful new business of theirs. I would strongly recommend that you take your dogs for grooming and if you need the exercise service it is definitely worth going.

Thanks to Chetal and Indy for what you have done to help Melbourne. Swimming with you will now be a weekly outing for him.

-Julie McClintock, as posted on Facebook 

Bitus Pet Services is absolutely awesome. Chetal and her husband are amazing and do a fantastic job. They are true dog lovers and take loving care of my little pup Rio. They give advice and are extremely experienced, knowledgeable, kind and gentle. Rio used to be terrified of going to a groomer but once I took him to Bitus Pet Services, he loves it so much and is always excited and happy to be groomed. He enjoys going here and I would not take him anywhere else ever. He always goes in wagging his tail and happy and comes out very happy too and looking really good. Try Bitus Pet Services and you will not be disappointed. They are the best groomers and they provide exemplary service !! Thank you for being so amazing and doing a great job !! We love you !!

- Cherene Amos, as posted on Facebook

I am writing to share my experience with Chetal and Indy and my appreciation for their exceptional care they are continually giving my precious dog Dexter.

Dexter was a very shy and fearful puppy; I was extremely worried about going to work and leaving him alone in the house for the whole day. I did a lot of research on pet care professionals in order to ensure he had the best care possible in every way. I have known Bitu’s Pet Services through a referral from another client at our pet store.

When I first met Chetal, I liked her right away because she had a calm demeanor. Dexter seemed very comfortable with her. She also listened to my concerns and was willing to work with me to meet all of Dexter’s needs. Chetal and Indy are absolute animal lovers, and I witness it every time I visit their place. They have compassion for and patience with their four-legged friends. Animals can feel the difference between a person that actually cares, and one that is simply doing their job. Lying is simply not possible with animals. Dexter feels at home whenever he’s with Chetal and Indy. They provide a friendly atmosphere for clients and their pets. Maintain a safe and hygienic environment – both inside and out.

Chetal is extremely reliable and trustworthy, professional and a qualified dog stylist/groomer. She has a reputation to providing excellent work. She is also very accommodating with changes in schedule and always returned my phone calls promptly. She is detailed oriented and always open to suggestions with regards to grooming my Dexter.

I recently adopted a new dog through Chetal. She is always willing to help and foster those in desperate need of forever homes. I am very thankful as I got another precious puppy and would be happy to share the care with my only trusted groomer and pet care professionals.

Chetal and Indy are planning to incorporate yet another beneficial service for their clients and pets – hydrotherapy/water wellness for dogs. I have done my own research about it after Chetal had mentioned it to me. This is a wonderful service for clients who have pets that needed rehabilitation for reasons that include mobility issues, geriatrics and arthritis, pre and post surgery, injury prevention, pain reduction and a lot more. As well as, the reason for just providing a safe fitness environment and muscle toning non-impact exercises for pets. I cannot identify enough the endless benefits of water wellness for our beloved animals – physically, emotionally and mentally. I would definitely consider this Water wellness activity for my pets if this plan pushes through.

Chetal and Indy truly care about animals and are genuinely concerned about their well-being. I highly recommend Bitu’s Pet services for any of your pet’s needs be it grooming or wellness.

- Joy Domingo, Brampton

I have never found a groomer that treats my dogs like her own. Chetal loves my dog. She cares my babies and I trust her 100%

- Angie Dan, as posted on Facebook

It is with pleasure that I provide my experience with my pet’s grooming provided by Chetal at Bitu’s Pet Services.

I have been bringing my 2 dogs to Chetal for grooming since 2007. One of my pets, Duke, a cocker spaniel (now passed away), was not comfortable with a couple of groomers that I had tried for his grooming. He seemed to have an itch soon after I had him groomed with one of them and with another, he always uncomfortable whenever I took him in as I felt he was nervous around the many other dogs barking and waiting to be groomed.

I was actively searching for another groomer and when I noticed Bitu’s Pet Services being advertised, I decided to try the grooming offered by Chetal. Upon meeting Chetal, she was very knowledgeable and confident and alleviated all my fears that Duke would not be comfortable. Her professionalism along with her open friendly attitude made me feel relaxed the moment I met her.

My experience with Bitu’s Pet Services has been exactly what I had been searching for. Her grooming service is outstanding, premises are clean with a quiet and calm atmosphere. She’s always watchful, attending one on one to the dogs she has in for grooming.

Duke was always beautifully groomed and very happy to be around Chetal and the other dogs that she had grooming at the time. Even though he was 16 years old and deaf and could barely see, he was a totally different puppy whenever we went to Bitu’s to have him groomed – he showed no hesitation towards Chetal’s approach and handling and enjoyed being around her. Chetal would advise us on caring for his coat, his food and the treats that we gave him, in order to control his weight. Unfortunately, Duke had to have his knee cruciate replaced a few years ago, and one of the treatments our Vet suggested was the Hydrotherapy fitness swim, as a water environment is the perfect place to exercise, relax and rehabilitate a pet who is experiencing pain and recovering from surgery while strengthening and rebuilding muscle mass.

At the time, I could not find anyone offering this service is Brampton. I would strongly recommend having a Hydrotherapy facility for pets whether it be for rehabilitation, or for dogs in poor physical health and require exercise.

I hope my other dog, a Lab (who is 11 years old) will be able to benefit from Hydrotherapy as he is getting slower and is showing signs of arthritis. This would definitely be a valuable service to have within the City of Brampton. I highly recommend Chetal as she is extremely qualified to provide this treatment along with her grooming Services.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information. Thank you for your consideration.

- Susan D'Souza, Brampton

"We have been using Bitu's Pet Services for the past 2 years, and would highly recommend them to any pet owner! Our dog Ziva is the true testimonial for Chetal and Indy...she absolutlely loves to go there. From the moment we tell her she is going to the minute we pull in the driveway, she yanks, cries, whines and runs right in like she owns the place! That tells me that my dog is happy and loved while she is in their care. The care and grooming in my opinion is above standard and we always come back for a happy & healthy dog! Ziva is like one of the family at Bitu's and your pet would be lucky to be in their care too!"

Kelly Core, Brampton

I was referred to Bitu's Pet Services 2 years ago. Chetal Vichare came highly recommended by a good friend. I have since referred several people to Chetal.

The care and service our dog Maggie receives when she goes for her grooming has been excellent. Chetal has a natural way of putting our dog at ease and also me as I would not trust too many people with our dog. The spa is very clean with a calm and quiet atmosphere.

Maggie has some special needs such as a ligament injury and she is also diabetic. Chetal is very knowledgeable and has offered me some valuable advice. I feel Maggie would someday benefit from hydrotherapy fitness with her ligament injury as this will surely lead to arthritis. Water wellness would be beneficial for her. With all of Maggie's needs the highest level of care is most important to our family. Chetal truly cares about the well being of our dog.

It has always been a pleasure dealing with Bitu's Pet Services and Maggie always comes home looking beautiful.

- Martha Novello, Brampton

I have known Chetal Vichare for the past six years. My dog, Bella, has been going to her for grooming services regularly during this time period. I consider us to be extremely lucky to have Chetal in our lives. There have been many times I have required nutrition, behavioral or medical advice regarding my dog. Chetal is always there. She makes her clients and dogs her priority. I can remember a time when I phoned her at 10:00pm while sobbing about my dog being sick. Chetal dropped everything to help me and offer support. This is more than just a business to Chetal. This is her calling in life.

Bitu Pet Services is a very clean and safe environment. Bella and the other dogs are always handled and treated with care and respect, and, most importantly, love. Chetal treats the animals like they are her children.

Chetal has been speaking to me about her interest in hydrotherapy for dogs for years. She has educated me about the benefit it offers to all dogs; old and young, sick and healthy. She is a professional, compassionate, caring person and I believe if she is given the proper permits by the City of Brampton, will excel and surpass her goals. Please help our dear Chetal achieve her goals and reach her dreams by giving her the permits she is applying for.

- Tanya Campbell, Brampton

Bitu’s Pet Services provides expert grooming and pampering for your pet. I’ve been taking my dog to Chetal and Indy for two years and have always left with a happy beautiful dog.

The personal attention my dog receives is amazing and they are all about the well being of your pet. They offer nutrition suggestions as well as tips on grooming and training. They work hard to accommodate your schedule, even when calling last minute. They genuinely love dogs and what they do. I would strongly recommend Bitu’s Pet Services to any dog owner looking for great care, kindness and attention.

Mary Kretz, Brampton

I have been bringing Jacque and Louie to BITU'S Pet Services for approximately 3 years now.

Chetal and Indy have set up a great salon for the dogs. When they come for their haircuts; there's classical music playing in the background & plenty of toys to play with.

I have always been pleased with the level of grooming that Jacque and Louie have received from Chetal. They always look like they are ready to be entered into show and people always comment on how great they look! I have highly recommended BITU'S PET SERVICES to many people in the past and I will continue to boast about this wonderful company in the future. I couldn't ask for 2 more caring and loving people to take care of my dogs when they go in for their 4 week haircut/spa day.

I'm very grateful that I found Chetal and Indy and I know that Jacque and Louie are too!! Thanks for keeping my boys so handsome!

- Lori Gibbs, Rockwood (2014)

"I would highly recommend Chetal and Bitu's Pet Services to anybody who needs a loving caretaker for their pets. She genuinely loves animals and my dog seems to be able to sense that quality in her.

I am no longer worried about leaving my Pet at a groomer's. Chetal cares for him like he was her own and he is very happy. Bitu's Pet Services is like his home away from home.

Thank you Chetal for everything."

- Debby Everitt, Brampton

I highly recommend Bitu's and believe that they are the best grooming service in Brampton. No complaints whatsoever.

- Francis Bailey, Brampton as posted on Google reviews

The Warm, Fuzzy, Cuddly, Adorable Creatures in my life wanna Say THANK YOU!

You are really good at what you do!! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to my babies!

- Mitch & Jilles Paquette, Brampton

"Chetal & Indy, thank you so much again for keeping my two lovable puppies - Katie and Leopold looking their best all the time! You always take time in grooming them and I feel at peace knowing that they are with someone who does not do this as a job, but really have a passion and care for our pets. I also enjoy chatting with you and learning healthy tips for my pets. I'm very confident in recommending you to all my family and friends since I want them to have the same awesome experience I had all these years. 

I have attached some photos of my "babies". The Howl-oween Costumes made them win the Best costume with Vitalife. They were dressed as Li'l Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. My kids love to take photos of them specially when they are in their cute outfits. Hope you like them.

Have a blessed and peaceful Christmas and more happines, prosperity and good health for the coming New Year!

All our best wishes.

- Betty Japlit, Brampton

I met Chetal and her husband at a park in our neighbourhood seven years ago and they gave me their card and within a week I was using Bitu's Services! I have referred many of my friends to Bitu Pet Services and they have been happy with their services!

I found Chetal and her husband to be very friendly and knowledgeable of dogs!

I own a six year old golden retriever who looks forward to seeing Chetal when I drop her off!

I have also found Chetal to be very meticulous and precise with the way she grooms her dogs! She spends a lot of time grooming each dog to perfect her work!

I would rate Bitu's services:

Ambiance.         10

Cleanliness.       10

Service.               10

Knowledge.        10

Service.               10

Guidance.           10

“Thanks very much Chetal for grooming our golden girl Kaillie. You are very precise and take the time to perfect your grooming techniques! I also appreciate that I can leave Kaillie with you knowing she is very excited to be with you.

You are a 10+ in my eyes!”

- Mary Anne Marshall, Brampton (2014)

"Being a customer at Bittu's Pet Services for over a year, I have never felt better about caring for my dog! Along with grooming, I get tips on all round health care for him as well! The grooming studio is a very professional environment with soothing music and informative literature that really keeps me up to date on the new toys and gadgets I can buy which can make life with dog a bit easier! I would never trust anyone else with my dog besides Chetal, being a very caring and loving professional groomer!" 

- Harjote Singh, Brampton

"My husband and I were very impressed with the services offered by Bitu's Pet Services and the professionalism that comes with it. Just hours before our trip, we ran into an emergency situation with our cat. We were close to having to cancel our trip, but Chetal was available at all hours of the night and was able to take on our responsibilities for our cat on a last minutes notice. We appreciate her making time out of her day to visit our injured cat twice a day. My husband arrived to two content feline's and we had a relaxing vacation with no worries, thanks to Chetal. This was our first time having a pet sitter and we will definitely use Bitu's Pet Services in the near future. Thanks Chetal!"

- Angie Dhillon, Brampton

“I would like to thank you Chetal and her husband for grooming my 6 month old cockapoo puppy! We have tried in the past other places and we were not so happy with their services. Before we would experience mixed feelings, feeling sorry for the little puppy to be again “abandoned” with strange people that want only to make money out of this. As soon as I’ve met Chetal, I’ve realized that this time it would be different. And it was: Max really had a great time. Chetal groomed him so when we came back we found a happy and a cute puppy! 

They must love what they are doing to put so much enthusiasm into it. I recommend 110% Bitu’s services! I don’t have enough good words for them. 

Thank you again and be sure Max will be back!” 

- Carmen Ciocoiu, Mississauga (2010)

“Bitu's Pet Services is very focused and committed to looking after pets. The place of business is very clean and comfortable. My pets loved them, and I had peace of mind knowing they were in good hands.”

- Mary Conway, Georgetown

"For that extra TLC your pet deserves, I highly recommend you using Bitu's Pet Services. Rest assured that when you leave your pet in Bitu's Pet Services' care that you need not worry about the love & pampering your pet will receive. Your pet will feel right at home and well taken care of. They always had a special passion for animals. Your pet deserves a good spa day just as you do!”

- Susan Browning, Brampton

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