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Bitu's Pet Services is a professional pet styling & grooming spa, where your little ones are treated like royalty.  

Your Pet's emotional well being is closely related to their physical health. Well groomed pets tend to be healthier, well socialized and self confident. Just as our bodies require constant maintenance and upkeep, our pets require regular grooming and more so, depending on their breed and coat conditions. Grooming plays a very important role in a dog's life and if the experience is pleasant, helps tremendously in socializing Muffin. Knowing that we would give that extra time, patience and the added mix of love and gentleness; big or small, short coated or long haired, silkies or curlies, tiny pups or seniors; they are all welcome to enjoy a 'spa day' at Bitu's Pet Services.

Our main aim first and foremost, is to ensure your pet's emotional safety and well being. Grooming is supposed to be a very pleasant experience and knowing that huge store fronts with a ton of people and pooch traffic can sometimes be intimidating, distracting and stressful for many dogs; we wanted to offer a completely stress free, peaceful environment. Our one on one service to your pets helps create a long lasting bond of mutual trust and respect. We are always striving towards our goal of offering a completely relaxed, true spa experience to your babies.

We welcome all large and small canine & feline friends. Your Pet's health, age, physical condition, comfort, well being and satisfaction is our top priority and nothing pleases us more when your four-legged babies eagerly await their next grooming visit with us.

We cater to each and every one of our client on an individual basis and each one receives the care and patience based on their age, health, unique personalities, requirements and dependencies. Puppies are always treated special. With lots of rest time and positive reinforcement, we try to make their first ever and ongoing experiences as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Sparky's 'Day at Spa' experience can include a full groom or any of our services on their own or in combination:

A Full groom package includes... 

  • Brushing and de-shedding (upto 15 minutes)
  • Nail trimming and grinding
  • Pad trimming and cleaning
  • Ear plucking and cleaning
  • Anal glands if needed
  • Warm water therapeutic bath with shampoo & conditioning based on your pup's skin type
  • Hand drying (we do not practice the inhumane method of cage drying on any of our dogs)
  • Full scissored finishing

What you can expect during Bella's visit...

  • Complimentary consultation on skin, coat and their overall health and hygiene
  • A tutorial to effectively maintain your pooch at home to ensure optimal results of having the best looking pup in town!

We also offer

  • De-shedding treatments
  • Hot oil treatments
  • De-skunking and Flea baths
  • Weekly brush and baths
  • Face, feet and t​ails for puppies
  • Cat grooming - lion cut (when owner is present with the cat)
  • Express nail trims, nail grinding and hygiene clips

Please note that we are not a quick shave grooming place. Also, we do not shave dogs with fur (Golden Retriever, Pomeranian, Husky etc.) unless it is a medical requisition by the Vet. Our spa members come from families who love them dearly, understand and appreciate what styling and grooming is all about and are open to learning and willing to work with our help; to maintain their dogs' coats in the best of conditions. If you would like caring and knowledgeable individuals to be part of your puppy's regular care team, call us. We are here for your puppy and you. 

Some Grooming Facts

Grooming isn't a magical process and groomers aren't magicians. Miracles do happen on the grooming tables each day but unfortunately, the so called magic wand does not exist in reality. What your pets look like after the groom, completely depends on how well you maintain them at home.

Groomers aren't just individuals who trim your dog's hair. Choose your groomer well and ensure he or she is a knowledgeable Pet Care professional. Your pets see their groomers more than they visit their vets every year. A well informed and trained groomer will be able to pinpoint any existing or upcoming issues in your pet, that you may or may not be able to identify. Thus, nipping the problem in its bud. This way you are able to draw your Vet's attention to the problem and seek help early on, if need be. Prevention is always better than cure.

Groomers can't read your minds. Be precise about what your expectations are. Also, be open minded to suggestions. A picture on social media can be very cute looking but sometimes the techniques used to achieve the look can be detrimental to your pet's coat and health. We will never do anything to hurt your pet knowingly. If we know your request could adversely effect your dog, we reserve the right to refuse service. There is no room for ego in the animal kingdom. Do not be offended with the groomer's suggestions. Remember, people who work with animals risk their lives and limbs for the love of them. 

A few minutes of brushing/combing time spent each day can go a long way to ensure healthy skin and coat conditions. It not just controls matting and helps manage shedding but the quality time spent with your pet also strengthens your bond with him.

Too many baths can ruin your pet's coat unless its a medical requirement.

Floppy ears get infected easily. Make sure you ask your vet or your groomer about how to clean your dog's ears to avoid infections.

Nails should be trimmed every 3-4 weeks. Long nails can lead to a longer list of problems including injuries and arthritis. Attempting to do your dog's nails at home without any knowledge or experience can be detrimental to your dog's confidence and behaviour down the road. Most often, failed experiences at home are the major cause of fear and aggression when it comes to getting their nails done. Rely on a professional to help create a pleasant experience.

Clean and well groomed dogs are happy and self confident. 

Never ever rush any of your pet's professionals, especially their groomers. Rushing a dog can be risky for both the dog and the groomer and may not be a pleasant experience for your little one.

Come talk to us on how you can maintain your dog or what you need to do to ensure your puppy remains healthy and happy.

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